VP, Creative Director, Media & Digital Strategy Director

As a part of my senior capstone I had the opportunity to work on a campaign that benefited African Christian College. The college has a macadamia nut farm and currently sells the nuts and the cold-pressed oil from the nuts as a way to provide scholarships to their students. We were tasked to create a line of macadamia nut oil-based beauty products.



As we began the process of creating a name for this brand, we first sought to establish what we thought the core ideas should be. We landed on natural, luxury, ethical giving and moisturizing. We also determined that the cause association with African Christian College, and it’s location in Swaziland was a critical selling point that should be emphasized. After working to narrow down the keywords that had been established, it was agreed upon that “natural” was to be the focus of the brand. In keeping with the Swaziland heritage associated with the brand, we landed on the name Velo, the root for zemvelo, the Zulu word for natural. This drew the product closer to its roots all-the-while being short enough to fit well on the small packaging of a cosmetic product and catchy enough to entice consumers to pick it up off the shelf. 



Using the keywords we established as a starting point, ideas were tossed around for a tagline. We wanted to establish a tagline that maintained relevance across each product within the brand. The idea of using several different phrases as a brand tagline was brought up, but that idea lacked continuity so we worked to boil the overarching message of the brand to a single phrase. We wanted the brand to feel luxurious, yet attainable at the same time. This sense of attainable elegance was central to what we were looking for in a tagline. “Ethical Indulgence” rose to the top of our list of ideas, but after further thought it was deemed a good start, but “not quite there.” That combination of words felt too contradictory. After rounds of revision it was determined that the brand tagline would be “Honest Indulgence.”


In choosing which products to feature, we sought to provide a line that would be diverse enough to reach all areas of our target audience, but focused enough to feel cohesive. After conducting research and exploring ways to apply the findings, we have chosen lip balms, moisture serums and lotion bars.

In our research we found that consumers want their beauty products to be lightly scented, preferably with natural scents. After analyzing popular essential oils, we landed on sandalwood, chamomile lavender and eucalyptus mint. The three products offered are all available in the same three scents. We believe that these scents will have broad appeal to most consumers by providing a wide spectrum of options.


The packaging of each Velo product is designed to feel unique, but connected to the other products and scents at the same time. Patterns were then created to coincide with the scents making each visually distinguishable from other each other and other products on a shelf. Overall, the packaging maintains the natural, organic feel that the brand as a whole portrays. 


Video will be broadcast across Velo’s social media channels to introduce the products and overall brand to consumers. The upbeat fast pace of the video will help to generate interest in the products, enticing viewers to want to learn more.