People change. That's the way it is, plain and simple. But is that so inherently wrong? We as a people love to criticize those around us because “they've changed,” when we fail to look inward and see the changes in ourselves. This brings me back to my question, is change so wrong?

Change gets a bad rap. It is the stuff of soon-to-be ex-girlfriends and old friends that fade into awkward encounters in the grocery store. Change, despite its bad reputation, goes by another name, growth.

I cannot fault a brother or a sister for changing when I haven't the slightest idea what is in their heart. As I sit in this coffee shop jotting down the ramblings of my heart and mind I think about the times others have accused me of this, all the while trying to ignore the time that I have done the same. We are just hypocritical this way; it's who we are.

People change. They grow together, and sometimes they grow apart. The ebb of flow of life. The way it goes. Call it what you may, it happens. So I think it's time we stop judging others for changing and start to examine our own hearts. People change for good, and for bad. It is time we start to celebrate the growth in those that changed for the better and begin to reconcile the distance between those that changed for the worse.

Embrace the change, and recognize it in yourself before you judge it in those around you.

Austin Kilcullen