Be Yourself?

Be yourself.

The motivational poster on the wall of the classroom that is my generation. But what does that even mean? I think this gives us too much credit. I am simply a vessel of influence. The influence I seek to have is the very influence that was had on me. Everything we do it simply drawn from our knowledge of the world around us. To believe that we are even capable of being something truly unique and original is egregious. To believe this is to be selfish and completely ignore from which we came. Looking back, I can identify the people and experiences that have shaped me into the man I am today.

I want to write like Jedidiah Jenkins, draw like Kurt Vonnegut, love like Mother Theresa and make people feel with images like Robert Frank. But is this so wrong? 

It takes a village, not a single man. I am not my own, I owe everything that I am to those before me. I am merely a reflection of my God and my influences.

Don’t be yourself, because who the hell knows what that is. Be the best in those around you, and then raise them one.

Austin Kilcullen