The Meaning of Words

I was born and bred in the Deep South; the crowning jewel on the leather expanse that is the bible belt.

The South. Where words carry layers of meaning; a land so steeped in tradition it seeps out of the pores of the people and the very soil on which they tread.  Stories reign supreme south of the Mason Dixon. Simple truths get spun into yarns so thick that the story begins to fade and the words used to tell the story take center stage, while the truth shrinks backward into the shadows awaiting its call forth into the light. However, often times the call never comes. The truth gets covered over like a layer of ages old wall paper in favor of the pomp and circumstance of storytelling.

After a while you begin to question; question the truth. Do people truly mean what they say? Or are their words just ulterior motives masked behind layers of storytelling falsely presented as the truth?

Austin Kilcullen