Violet Crown

By my count I have been alive for 8339 sunsets. Reason would tell me that if I’ve seen one I’ve seen them all, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in my experience. Some more than others have seemingly seared themselves into my memory.

In Austin, Texas the sunset reigns supreme. The formal closing of the day and farewell bidding to its warmth and doings. The burning brightness of the day slowly extinguished by the cool breeze that moves in daily, as if by clockwork. The sunset in Austin is a late bloomer. Just when you think it won’t come the sky bursts open with an intense yellow glow; the sun’s evening encore to tire itself out before turning in for the night. This flaxen radiance eventually fades out leaving behind a faint purple afterglow as a reminder of its brilliance. A pastel blanket descending down as the shadowy arms of the evening weave their way street to street until they engulf the city in a cool embrace.

The cyclic rhythm of the world around us.

Austin Kilcullen