Libby Lane

Creative Director - Morris + Mitchell

August 2015-December 2015

Libby Lane is a high-end handbag company based in Amarillo, Texas that Morris + Mitchell picked up as a client in the fall of 2015. The account team researched the brand and worked on a positioning statement to pitch the the client.

As the Creative Director, I oversaw the account team's brand research and brought forth concept ideas as to what direction the brand should move. Libby Lane was struggling to find its niche as a high-end fashion company based in Amarillo, Texas. In collaboration with the account team, I decided that the brand should focus on its audience in more fashion forward areas, such as New York. To do so, we worked to rebrand the bags by naming them after people and giving each of them a separate personality so that the bags appeared more as a cohesive unit, a family if you will. With these descriptions in place, the bags could more organically appeal to and connect to their target audience. I came up with a few mock naming options and a short bio to describe the bag to give the client a taste of this rebranding.

The Sarah Tote
A leather tote built with sophistication and durability in mind. Versatile enough to handle anything from a trip to the gym to a night out on the town. More than just a bag; a companion. A bag that does life with you. 
Libby Lane. Tomorrow's classic.


Header photo by A Treasure Hunt.